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Apr 02, 2017  
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High iron content in water causes the rusty color, sediment, metallic taste and reddish and orange staining, according to the EPA. The agency has no health standards for iron because it's not considered harmful. Water test results from November to February in the three schools show iron levels as high as 3.32 milligram per liter, which is from a test conducted on Dec. 5 at Chesapeake Bay Middle, according to state data. The water is tested several times a week. In the past two weeks, test results show iron levels at or below 0.25 milligram per liter in four of the five test days, Arlotto's letter said. Eva Reynolds, the president of the Chesapeake Bay Middle School Parent Teacher Association, said she doesn't see flushing as a long-term solution. "I'm not looking for as clear as possible," she said, citing a phrase from Arlotto's letter. "I'm looking for clean and clear water." Frank however was encouraged when she drank the water from the fountain recently and found she didn't mind the taste. But she's not convinced the school will consistently have clear water. She wants the school to pay for bottled water.

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